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Typo and suggested update

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Big Vern

Excellent guide to Doctor Who.

However I noticed that there is a small spelling mistake in the paragraph following Season 8's episode list - scren should read screen.

Update suggestion - Mention of BBCi's Webcast of the 'Shada' story should be included as part of Season 17's information. Also the fact that different 'Shada' material was used in the Special Edition video of the 'Five Doctor' - The Doctor and Romana punting on Cambridge river (season 20). Finally a full entry for the BBCi Webcast of 'Shada' as part of Paul McGann's entry.

Typo and suggested update

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thanks for the suggestions! i didn't add about the Shada webcast before since it wasn't made, however, there is no point adding it to the Paul McGann section since anything apart from the Television series and the movie are not part of the official doctor who timeline, and to include the Shada webcast i would have to include all other webcasts, books, comics etc which is not realistic.

however, if you read the information under season 20 you will find that i have mentioned material from Shada was used. quote:

"Tom Baker also refused to return, thinking that it had not been long enough since he played the Doctor, so footage was shown from the previously-unseen 'Shada' with the story rewritten."

spooksmiley - aliensmile

Typo and suggested update

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Hi Spook, hi Big Vern, is this something I can help out with? If you let me know specifically which sentence(s) to add or update, I can pass that on to the italics.

(The 'scren' mistake, I'll get on now.)

smiley - cheers

Typo and suggested update

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Thanks GTB.

i don't think there's anything more to be updated at the moment apart fom that though. are you still up for sub-editing the whole docto who project? i'm hoping to have quite a few entries finished over the summer by me and my friend, so by september you may have a complete project. If not, i'll try for sure to get it done by December. hen you'll have the whole of 2004 to get it edited!smiley - smiley


Typo and suggested update

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Oh, I'm still down for subbing the project; just let me know when it's ready. smiley - smiley

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