A Conversation for Greek Myths - Sirens

The prologue.

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Cupid Stunt

Now, our story today concerns the Sirens. Not the ones that go off of course! These sirens were half woman and half bird, and they used to sit on the rocks, luring sailors with strange chants. Eh? No, wait a minute. No I don't know which half were birds, but I presume it must be the top half, because you could hardly have birds chanting sweetly through their tail feather could you? Now it came to pass...

The prologue.

Post 2

Tom the Pomm

Pass what? If'n yo is goin' ti lather their tail feathers in mustard the first thing they'll do is dive inti the sea ti cool their butt.

Chuseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaase! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaHHHHHH!

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