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Essential family viewing.

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I do remember the original screenings, I am that old (and more).
I saw an episode repeated on one of the digital channels recently and thought 'why did we watch this?' when we also had the choice of 'Porridge', 'The Good Life' 'Fawlty Towers' etc.
But we did, family viewing, each and every week: 2.4 kids, mum & dad ahhhhh!.
So what happened to family viewing?
Now I can't get on with the programmes my kids watch and if the adult TV today is aimed at a more sophisticated audience then I must be scum indeed.
But then bless the TV producers of today, I've never read so many books as over the last 5 years. (I've just been trying to work out what the last thing I watched on TV was and I think it was an old James Bond (Connery) with my kids about 3 weeks ago. You see if Connery was in it then it was from those days of familiy viewing)

Essential family viewing.

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Researcher 1300304

i think family tv died when programmers realised selling products to a 'family' didn't add up. and selling is what tv is all about.

what they want to do is sell things to kids when adults aren't watching. so almost no kids shows are watchable by adults today, and by design.

and 'adult' tv; well that just a real mess. no wonder viewing numbers are plummeting across the developed world.

even the cheapest of prime time tv productions from the 60s and 70s slaughters today's offerings for entertainment value. i just hope the writers and actors involved in those productions that are now ubiquitous dvd offerings are getting a slice of the pie.

it think it sad that my kids will not have memories of the family laughing together watching the likes of porridge to look back on as we do.

books...sure. but there is no togetherness in reading.

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