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More sophisticated?

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I've said it before and I'll say it again. Why are modern audiences considered 'more sophisticated'.

This appears to mean more tranisient with lower attention span. It certainly doesn't mean that TV programmes are more sophisticated than once they were. Techincally superior due to upgrades in technology maybe but the writing is no better as far as I can tell.

Aside from that, nice article on what was a classic comedy of its time. I'm glad they now repeat the (funny) series as opposed to the extremely unfunny film which for years led me to remember the series not very fondly.
A very funny programme if you like innuendo style comedy smiley - biggrin

More sophisticated?

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Bright Blue Shorts

I took sophisticated to mean that they needed something more than base humour. By the time AYBS had finished in 1985, we'd had the alternative comedy revolution and the simple innuendo of the "Carry On" era had gone past its sell-by data. Another example would be Terry & June, which I watched an episode of recently and found to be excruciatingly painful.

To be fair not many comedies are hit in their 1st season and that can't have done the 'remake' any favours. For example, One Foot in the Grave took 3-years to get good audiences, and I'm sure there are many more examples.

BBS smiley - smiley

More sophisticated?

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Researcher 1300304

innuendo works as humour because it pushes the boundaries of (current)acceptability. it is not so much about shock as about sneaking it past authority/censors/puritans. it is not so much what was said but that they got away with saying it. some of us will remember smirking when radio bleeped out THAT word in the ballad of john and yoko, and laughing out loud if it slipped through.

with full frontal nudity etc now on tv, innuendo just comes across as ridiculous because the boundaries that were being pushed have long vanished. not a fault of the writers or actors. just proof that all humour has a best by date.

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