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CS Gas Immunity

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One way to not be affected by CS in to be exposed to it, somewhat regularly. In my experience, I've been exposed to it over a dozen times, and each time the severity of my reaction has decreased. The first time, it was in basic training, and it was a surprise, we had already been trained on how to react to NBC attack, but I panicked, and ended up snotting, spitting and tearing all over the place, but once a buddy helped me with my mask, the symptoms almost immediately subsided. Later, that day, we entered a chamber, with our gear on, that was filled with the stuff, to prove the gear worked. We then broke the seal, then cleared and resealed them. No problem but for a light sneeze. Then we removed the mask completely, stated our name and number, and exited the chamber into fresh air. The panic wasn't there this time, just the expectoration, snotting and tearing. Subsequent exposure has produced diminished effect; to the point that I now look forward to it, especially if I have a head cold. Nothing clears the sinuses better or faster. Weird huh! Great, now every member of every group protesting WTO are going to start training with the stuff. Oops! My bad.

CS Gas Immunity

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im just wondering to myself .....have ya ever been exposed to somthing other than cs gas.....maybe one of the psycho-inhibitory type agents........all above board of course.........did ya serve in 91 where yer man saddam was foolin around with....incapacitants.......oh aye BZ IS A REAL ONE AND WAS USED M8
any views on this .....smiley - cheers....MAC

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