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Blues Shark - For people who like this sort of thing, then this is just the sort of thing they'll like

I remember "Threads" very well, but principally because everybody was so appalled by the American TV Movie "The Day After", which was so bad it was unwatchable. And seemed to hint that a nuclear war was "winnable".
It has to be said that the BBC's own "The War Game", made in 1966 and then banned (by the BBC itself) for twenty or so years, is actually still a far more disturbing film about the subject.
Even more scary is the little seen rarity "Atomic Cafe", which collects various pieces of propaganda footage and music from the fities. It very clearly shows that governments lied to the people about the dangers of nuclear war and that people swallowed it hook line and sinker...
My favourite-the old gospel tune "Jesus Hits LIke an Atom Bomb". Now thats a Scary Thought...
smiley - shark

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