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Lord Irish


In the section "So why haven't we heard anything yet" In para 3, next to the last line, " ... evolve to they point ..." should be " .. to the point ..."

As far as listening to signals from alien sources is concerned. If the Universe is rushing away from us in all directions, surely, it is possible, that all areas are rushing away from a "starting" point. In which case, it is like a race. We are in the middle of the "field" of runners and the ones "behind" are also traveling in the same direction, but at a slower speed, thus appearing to be retreating from us conversely, those on front, going faster, also appear to be running away from us. smiley - huh

If this postulation is true (?) why could we not "catch up" with some communication from "in front" of us? smiley - biggrin

Of course, the other possibility is that ET is not "carbon based" and communicates in an entirely different way. With all the systems "out there", the possibility that we are "alone" seems somewhat ludicrous!

smiley - cheers

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