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[email protected] is being partially replaced December 15 by "molecular biology, high-energy physics, and climate change study." The volunteer data processing will go to those subjects. While less interesting, they are of more immmediate use.

Apparently it is being phased out slowly, because you can still dedicate processor power to SETI, but it will not always have raw data to send to your computer. On http://setiathome.berkeley.edu/ there is a link titled:

'Keep your computer busy when [email protected] has no work - participate in other BOINC-based projects.'

My guess would be that SETI's percent share of the radio dish's time has lessened. Other groups use the same dish a certain amount of the time. It used to be something like 30%.

[email protected] scaled back

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my guess would be that improved computer power has caused them problems. it did last time.

They were getting so much time that they added many more tests to the data being collected to look for more possibilities.

It is possible they have reached the limit to the information they can extract from the available signals.

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