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Military aviation. Unpleasant?

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Researcher 188310

The military aspects of aviation tend to be unpleasant only if you are on the receiving end.

Lets not forget that investment in military aviation technology is what drives the aviation industry forward.

Military aviation. Unpleasant?

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Mookie- thingite arbiter of infinite wisdom and justice

without military aviation research would still move forward, and noone would get blown up.

Military aviation. Unpleasant?

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lw - ck

Well done Dancer (and everyone else) on getting an edited entry!

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Military aviation. Unpleasant?

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Dancer (put your advert here)

Thanks CK,

Military is a driving finantial force for meny technologies.

I'm no dreamer, so I don't think that we could do without military, but it *is* an unpleasent thing. It has positive side effects, but also global warming has positive side effects. All things can do /some/ good but it isn't worth it in alot of cases.

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