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1974 World Cup Finals

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Red (and a bit grey) Dog

22nd June 1974.

Zaire are playing Brazil in their very first World Cup finals and frankly actually aren`t doing that badly against the reigning world champions finally going down 3-0.

The highlight of the game was a free kick awarded to Brazil about 35 yards out in the second half.

A few Brazilian players hang around the ball deciding what to do. The referee blows the whistle. At this point the Zaire fullback Mwepu decides for some inexplicable reason to rush out from the defensive wall and boots the ball as hard as he could up field. The Brazilians stand around bemused and Mwepu still not understanding what is going on is booked by the ref.

26 years later I still howl with laughter thinking about it smiley - laugh

Well I guess you had to be there.

1974 World Cup Finals

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Eusebio - squad number 11

smiley - laugh YES, YES, YES, YES, YES smiley - laugh

One of my all time favourite footy moments!

smiley - cheers

1974 World Cup Finals

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Red (and a bit grey) Dog

smiley - biggrinsmiley - ok What always cracks me up is the TV shot of him in the wall obviously thinking that Brazil has touched the ball looking round to see if anyone else has spotted it before running out and punting the ball upfield smiley - laughsmiley - laugh

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