A Conversation for Classic Sporting Moments


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I tripped on the ball once.


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and i failed to tackle you....


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A moment that transcends football - even a non-fan can appreciate poetry in motion. Euro 96, England vs. Scotland, Paul Gascoigne scoring the goal he will always be remembered for.



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At the risk of being obvious, don't the words, "They think it's all over - it is now!" mean anything to anyone?


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I actually think that was more of a classic *commentating* moment... although it was certainly a great moment too. But would you still be recommending that moment if all we had was the ITV commentator saying "There it is. That is it. That is it."?

New thread required - classic commentary?



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Olaf K Foddaman

My classic football moment was England v Belgium in the 1990 world cup. It had been a tense match with neither side able to score in normal time. With penalties looming, England had a free kick with what seemed like seconds left on the clock. The ball floated in and David Platt spun and volleyed it into the net. When we had stopped cheering we could still heard people in other flats cheering so we started again.

Although I'm definitely not a Man Utd fan, I'm surprised nobody has mentioned injury time in the 1999 Champion League final.


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The defining moment in football for me was Tranmere vs. Southampton in the 2001 FA Cup 5th Round Replay. After surviving (just) with a 0-0 draw at The Dell we had high hopes returning to Prenton Park. These were crushed as Southampton took a 3-0 lead. However an unforgettable hatrick by Paul Rideout led to the greatest ever comeback in the history of the FA Cup (and madness on the Kop). An unforgettable night for the 12,000 or so present.


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surely the defining moment for english football was that nioght in munich? i mean how many teams beat germany 5-1 in the heart and soul of germany?smiley - biggrinsmiley - cool


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Everton had just signed a young 'unknown' named ALAN BALL from Blackpool for the [then] British record fee of £100,000 (yes, that IS the correct number of zeroes!!)

"No man" thundered the pundit "is worth that much money: we will NEVER see these sums again in our lifetimes...."
smiley - winkeyeGranted, he was right - but I don't think this was what he had in mindsmiley - silly!!

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