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One sporting moment I recall was at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. Britain's Derek Redmond was a strong medal hope in the men's 400m - as long as he could avoid the injuries that had plagued his career. Halfway through the semi-final, he collapsed to the ground in agony as his hamstring tore. He got up again and staggered on, determined to finish the race despite the pain, as his father dashed from the stands to help him. With his father's help, despite the pain, he crossed the finish line.


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Bright Blue Shorts

Absolutely brilliant moment. Still brings tears to my eyes now. One of the Olympic great 'sad' moments.

Of course on the athletics front we have:
- Ben Johnson's 100m records at the World Championships (9.82s) followed by the Seoul Olympics (9.79s) and the subsequent discovery that he was on drugs. IMHO it still stands a moment of sheer awesome performance.
- As does Michael Johnson's performance in the 200m at Atlanta (19.32secs). Having broken the 17 years old record of Italian Pietro Mennea at the trials (from 19.72 to 19.64) he then knocked almost a third of a second off at the Olympics. Unbelievable.
- You could also add Carl Lewis' 4 golds at LA.
- Steve Cram / Steve Ovett at Moscow (but perhaps this is only of interest to the Brits).
- Bob Beamon's long jump at Mexico. A jump that was to stand for 23 years.
- Flo-Jo's performance at Seoul which will stand for many years to come. Of course fingers have been pointed, but the truth has probably gone to her grave with her.

So what else does everybody think about athletics?


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Researcher 204986

How about, well I'm sorry i can't remember either of their names...but when a barefooted South African girl and an American clashed and tripped over eachother in a track race. The American ran away to cry and the South African continued but fell right through the field as she was booed heavily by the American crowd which was pretty heartbreaking, considering both (or neither) runner was at fault, I really felt for her because she had the courage and determination to pick herself and keep going. Although I'm only 15 so I wasn't around back then, it seems like a classic moment when I read about it.


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Demon Drawer

Bright Blue Shorts surel you mean Coe and Ovett in Moscow.

Cram at the time was 19 and in his first major champs and came in a distant last in the 1500m.

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