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SPLODGE: the ultimate comfort food

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At least 3 hooters have traversed across Europe and experienced this,and pronounced it manna from heaven; plus even committed French carnivores have gone all glazed "Mon dieu, les splodge; c'est magnifique!"

OK, the ultimate wonder food, "SPLODGE", no living being has been known to resist this.

Potatoes, as many as poss, peel or not, as the fancy takes you
Carrots, as above
Swede (rutabaga)
turnip (neeps)

*optional* any other veg lying around.

Grated cheese, they call it rape cheese here in frogland, which sounds worrying, but it's not, honestly.

salt/pepper (ground black is best)
veggie stock cube

Bung the lot, cut up small, into water with stock cube, boil till soft, drain (Save the water, it's full of viatmins and makes great soup), dry it out a bit back on the stove, add cheese and marg, and.....SPLODGE it into squelchy stuff, slop great steaming blobs of it onto the plates of good friends...and wait for them to declare undying devotion.

Works every time. The way to a mans heart is through his splodge.

smiley - whistle


SPLODGE: the ultimate comfort food

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Stephanie Ammmerman

This is an old post but, I wanted to add that instead of cheese & butter, I add tomatoe sauce and cheese on top! It is great, I will have to try it your way!


SPLODGE: the ultimate comfort food

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smiley - ta!!!

Mmmm, we just happen to have some leftover sundried tomato sauce lying around from pasta we had tonight; i shall try adding that tomorrow to a half built splodge lurking in the fridge!

We can compare notes!smiley - drool


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