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Hubble and TRACE are blind, can't see Venus

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Try doing something for yourself as well as for humanity that's bucking everything NASA/NSA/DoD stands for, like "truth" for example.

Here's a little more proof that I've been right all along, as "GUTH Venus" is entirely real and it's been seriously pushing NASA's buttons for 21 months and counting. In order for you to discover more, for that you'll have to acquire my URL pages and pages (far too many words) by either searching for "GUTH Venus" and/or going directly to the following:


Please keep checking back because, I do frequent updates, as for corrections, additions and/or simply as for improving upon my limited syntax and grammar.

Here is the latest news I can offer. Please understand that I have limited, nearly zilch for resources, so I can use and would appreciated any support you can offer. I'll insure the fullest of credits and/or post links directly to your URL/web pages.

Hubble, TRACE and ISS still can't see Venus because ?????

In addition to Hubble's capability of easily imaging upon Venus, like upon 4.25% or even lesser of it's diameter and thereby excluding solar impact, there's TRACE with it's superior optics and magnification to that of SOHO.

SOHO can easily view the dark side of Venus but, TRACE can greatly magnify upon that image and maintain nearly a 24/7 coverage.

Both instruments have been available and are working just fine. In fact, soon it will become difficult as for Hubble to exclude Venus because, it will be so damn near and/or within the imaging frame of the sun, as well as merely 0.26AU from SOHO. That's going to be a fairly big black dot and, obviously of anything illuminating from that big black dot will be detected, far better detected by TRACE or from Hubble as well as from ISS.

The only reason why we're not seeing anything Venus, this is because NASA wants no public attention upon the subject of Venus. I wonder why that is?

Venus is by far our closest planet, we currently have the most information database upon Venus and, perhaps it's too close as for considering what my research has to offer. Venus is simply loaded with viable content, as being more likely artificial then not. Venus offers loads of natural energy resources and the CO2-->CO/O2 is not anything beyond reach of existing technology, in fact it's been a done deal (in practical applications) on Earth for well over a decade.

Regards, Brad Guth / IEIS http://guthvenus.tripod.com/positive.htm

Hubble and TRACE are blind, can't see Venus

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Gnomon - time to move on

The reason Hubble doesn't look at Venus is that it is an optical wavelength telescope. At these wavelengths, all there is to be seen on Venus is a plain white sphere. Hubble is expensive to operate and fully booked all the time, so there is no point in looking at a feature-less white ball with it. A ping-pong ball can be bought in a sports shop for a few cents which will provide the same image. smiley - biggrin

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Hubble and TRACE are blind, can't see Venus

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