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I'd like to believe it, but....

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Obvious problem: this Entry dates from Feb 2006. At this time the world's economy was still riding high, the phrase . "subprime mortgages" was still only insider jargon, FannieMay and Freddie Mac wee unnkown outside their own circle of friends inside the USA and recession was something that happened a long time ago in the 1920's and unthinkeable for now. Did John Tidor have anything so say about the sea of crap we currently navigate, the useless bankers who got us here, and how we get out of it again?

Also, some of the things he did predict were either beginning, or any relatively intelligent person in posession of the relevant facts could have foreseen them: for instance, that Shrub would want to have a war with Iraq and just needed a half-decent pretext was a given. It was hinted even before 9/11 that he wanted to go into Iraq and finish the job his father had started. (Worryingly, the same pattern is being played out again in American relations with Iraq, a country the rednecks still want to take vengeance on, and feel hasn't been adequately punished, over the hostage situation of 1979-80).

The 2008 deadline for dissolution of the USA has been and gone, more or less. War by 2015 is more rather than less possible: a nation in the smeg economically, whose people are suffering and losing out, always has the option of a good hard war to distract domestic attention away from mismanagement at home. (Look at Britain in 1981 and Thatcher's domestic ratings pre and post Falklands. Nothing had changed and her economic policy was still crap - but she'd fought and won a war).

The thing that got America out of the Great Depression of the 1930's was, as it turned out, World War Two. It does look as if America is leading the world into a second great depression. How will the pump be primed to get industry moving and restore full employment..... a damn good war, of course! China? Russia? The Arab countries? (who tend to be sponsored by either Russia or China...)

Did Tidor predict that the precursor to war would be recession?

All this reminds me of a book I should dig out. Hypnotic therapy has been used as "proof" of reincarnation in that people under regression can be led to "remember past lives". A mystically minded hypnotist in the USA took it a stage further and reasoned that if the passage of time is an illusion caused by living in the material world, and on the other side there is no such thing as past or future, then logically reincarnation can happen anywhen, in our apparent past or future. We haven't looked for evidence of past lives lived in the "future", from what we perceive as "now", because we're so hooked on the nature of serial time that we don't believe they happened.

So she set out looking for them in her regression cases. And got them.

Now I don't beleive that hypnotic regression is proof of reincarnation: I've had it done and I've come up with some interesting stuff, but all it proves is that the human mind is capable of weaving tales and creating stories. Where else do novelists and songwriters come from? It's called active imagination.

The only reason I raise the book "Memories of the Future" (compiled in the mid-1980's) is that hypnotic regression to lives led in "the future" came up with a consistent set of stories, very much in keeping with what John Tidor had to tell. Destabilization and collapse of civilisation in the early 2000's, followed by war, followed by rebuilding of a newer civilization with less people on the planet.
Unless, of course, the hoaxer or hoaxers who created Tidor very carefully wove this book into their research as well...

I'd like to believe it, but....

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Sorry! Meant to say "Worryingly, the same pattern is being played out again in American relations with IRAN, a country the rednecks still want to take vengeance on, and feel hasn't been adequately punished, over the hostage situation of 1979-80". So I predict some sort of war between the USA and Iran that will draw in Israel, then the wider Islamic/Arab states and will hopefully be confined there. This to happen by 2010 at latest.

Now, Earthlings, I should unmask myself as AgProv, agent of the planet Sarquastik, from the year 2123...

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I'd like to believe it, but....

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