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A more fundamental problem with time travel

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Apollyon - Grammar Fascist

Titor claims that his time machine stays in one place.

If that's the case, then when he travels back in time, he would not be on Earth, because Earth is constantly moving through space.

A more fundamental problem with time travel

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Depends what you mean by stays in one place. I would also say the chair I am sitting on stays in one place, despite it zooming around the sun. The time machine might still be attracted to Earth in the same way.

I'm actually reading The Time Ships by Stephen Baxter right now. A sequel to The Time Machine by H G Wells. It also adresses some of these problems.

A more fundamental problem with time travel

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It is the point of staying in place that is at odds.
To travel further one would have to travel slower.
the rythm of "Time Travel" requires motion.
And in all truth, the term >Time Travel< is pretty much for the realms of childrens stories.

Einstein's fabric could also be stitched, woven and zippered, turned inside out.

Parallel/multiverse travel. Humbug.
The dark matter between the stars humbug too. Its just an eclipse of a very large piece of rock smiley - smiley

A more fundamental problem with time travel

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Thanks for your responses to this entrysmiley - smileysmiley - ok

Whenever people come across the story Of John Titor they generally find a hole or two in it to show that he may not have been all he wanted us to believe he was. Just about every aspect of this story is full of holes one way or another, but I'm glad you have found a new one to help unpick Titor's claim as a timetraveller smiley - magicsmiley - cheerssmiley - magic

A more fundamental problem with time travel

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Late, late entry here, but I have to intercede on John's behalf. Let me point out right up front that I don't think John's story is true, but he did address this exact point multiple times.
John maintained that his time travel device was able to anchor him to the earth as it travelled through time. As I understood it, and I'm not sure I caught the whole gist of the concept as he was always throwing mathematical equations around to back up what he was saying without explaining them, as the device travelled through time it remained anchored to the earth in the same way it would if it were travelling through time in the ordinary fashion by simply allowing gravity to hold it to the planet. In the instances in which something threw it from it's normal position, it used the massive gravitational fields of the twin singularities that powered it to correct it's position. Again, there was math involved, and I'm just an ordinary guy, but that's what I took his answers to mean.

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A more fundamental problem with time travel

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