A Conversation for John Titor: a Time Traveller From The Year 2036?


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If Titor's timeline was close to ours, he'd have known about (and warned about?) 9/11.


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i really dont think he would have warned us about it (if he is real) because if he would have told the U.S government they would have ignored him. then when it happened they would have captured him and questioned him asking, "how did you know this?" then it most likely would have stirred up some trouble... But now if they would have believed him and sent out the air force, SWAT ect to the airport the 9/11 thing would not have happened in the first place and he would be a huge hero and our economy would turn out to be alot better. And who knows, it probably would make the world nicer to each other and the whole WWIII idea could have been irradicated.

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