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Idun with the apples

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I think you should have included Idun. The idea that the gods have to eat something special in order for them not to age seems quite special to me. I can't remember having seen that in other myths.

Idun with the apples

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What about Loki's fall from grace, I always thought they were a bit harsh on him.

Also I think the bit about Odin giving up his eye for wisdom is pretty important.

- Harv

Idun with the apples

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Well, I do think that in an entry on the norse mythology, there is no reason to write about the Baldurs feet thing. His death would have been more proper. I do like they included Thor as a bride though.

But I'd say the entry needs a lot more.

Idun with the apples

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Martin Harper

I think it's a neat overview of Norse mythology in general - if you want to see more myths in the Guide, create some more entries! I'd love to see an entry on the Norse armaggeddon, for example - or perhaps one on Loki... smiley - smiley

Idun with the apples

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Martin Harper

some links to the actual myths would be cool though - does anyone know where you can find the various Norse myths online?

Idun with the apples

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There's actually a connection between Idun's apples and the story about Balder's feet. I'm surprised to see the killing of Thiazi described as tragic. Helped by Loki he had abducted Idun. When the Aesir found out about how it had happened, Loki was sent out to bring her back. Loki transformed into a falcon, found Idun and transformed her into a nut he could have in his claw. Then he flew home to Asgard.
When Thiazi found out, he transformed into an eagle and followed Loki. He almost managed to catch up with Loki, but when they came to Asgard, the Aesirs killed him. "This killing is very celebrated" (Snorri).

Idun with the apples

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Witty Ditty


You've got the other sister here since CP's ISP is being, well, dead at the moment... so just to clarify the butter...

The original entry was called Norse Mythology - A Summary, and was never intended as a full-on detailed entry on the whole lot; indeed, CP had the intention of presenting stories which were interesting, yet not so well-known, hence the absence of Loki's fall from grace and how Odin only has one eye, but including brief summaries of the beginning and end of the world according to Norse Myth.

Somehow the 'A Summary' bit got lost in the H2G2 ether...

Hope this explains things a little smiley - smiley

Stay smiley - cool,
WD (the other sister...)

Idun with the apples

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Ambrosia in greco-roman mythology gave the olympian gods immortality and everlasting youth. It was also given out by a goddess, the name of who escapes me at the moment.

Idun with the apples

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Try googling for Asatru and/or Odin or another God or Goddess. You will find many conbtacts who can help you out.

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