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Giants (Jötnar) are not Vanir!

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The Jötnar (singular is Jotun, a word related to the true English form of 'big being' Ettin) or Giants, are said to be of the Vanir in this article, as are the Dwarves, however it must be stated that the Jötnar are their own group/race/class of beings unto themselves, they are generally the enemies of the Vanir, Æsir and even Dvargar (Dwarves) and Dökkálfar (Dark Elves who are probably not Dwarves. The Svartálfar are the ones who are usually considered the same as Dwarves and they seem to be a different group from the Dark Elves).

The article seems to be confusing the hardly mention Álfar (Elves) who are split into Ljósálfar (Light-Elves) and Dökkálfar (Dark-Elves) and, if you believe it to be correct, the Svartálfar, with the Jötnar.

The Elves are lesser fertility gods and thus lesser Vanir (they are ruled by Yngvi/Frey which points to this) but I am afraid the Jötnar are not.

As for Dwarves they could be, but I personally wouldn't jump in and say so as they are likely not to be, for one thing they (like the Jötnar) do not live on the upper-levels of Yggdrasil unlike the Elves, Æsir and Vanir. They do not however fight against the Gods unlike the Jötnar.

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Giants (Jötnar) are not Vanir!

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