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a real solution to dog outside

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You might try spraying some sort of "Doggie-B-Gone" spray on your shoes or trousers. The dogs already don't like you, and when you arrive smelling really nasty it can ruin their day quite nicely for you. I recommend spraying it on your wet-weather gear for quite a few days in a row.
The other trick, as referred to in the reply for dogs inside the house is also very effective. I've also known a letter-carrier who carried a water-pistol and squirted the particularly persistently annoying dogs to the point where they saw him coming and turned and ran in the other direction.
Good luck. My dad was a letter-carrier as well as a garbage-pickup man. You'd never believe some of the stories he told. My favorite one was of a dog who knew him as a letter-carrier, and when he switched to picking up garbage it confused the dog so much he left both my dad and the new letter-carrier alone. And then my dad made friends with the owner of the dog and made friendly off-duty visits and the dog was messed up forever after that and retired from being a guard dog.

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a real solution to dog outside

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