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Rabbit Outside/ Gate outside

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winter rae (flint eyed seer of the soul)

My friend had a large black and white rabbit that used to chase and attack any postman/woman or delivery person. It might not be as potentially harmful as a dog but it makes you look a hell of a lot sillier as you run away from it in front of the street !! smiley - zen

We recently got a new gate which we share with our next door neighbours and god help any person of the milk/post/paper delivering persuasion who doesnt shut it behind them. My neighbour pounces on them before they have got 2 paces and lectures them.

My mum and dad have both worked delivering for royal mail so I had a good laugh at this page. I think the worst thing was when they used to deliver the yellow pages as its impossible to secret them anywhere if someone is out.

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