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UK Letterbox Regulations

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6.48etc - Quartermaster and Chief Teamaker of the B.H.E.C. Keeper of Unnecessary Name Badges

Letterboxes should have an aperture at least 250mm by 38mm, and should ideally be positioned 1.07m from the ground. (According to Royal Mail Customer Service.)

I'm not sure if postman can refuse to deliver if the letterbox is too small, too low or too high.

My husband is a postman and I'm sure he'd try and get away with it if he could smiley - smiley

UK Letterbox Regulations

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Postman Pat

Most Postmen (and women) will attempt to deliver to any type of letter box, our sense of duty usually beats our other senses: self-preservation, common sense etc smiley - winkeye

UK Letterbox Regulations

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6.48etc - Quartermaster and Chief Teamaker of the B.H.E.C. Keeper of Unnecessary Name Badges

I'm sure that applies to 99% of postmen and women (or would you rather I called them Delivery Officer's?)

Unfortunately with poor pay and conditions for UK Postal workers (resulting in the recent national ballot for industrial action) there aren't enough good delivery officer's around to enable Consignia to get rid of the bad ones. (In my own personal opinion).

My postwoman is wonderful, but then I have a regulation letter box. smiley - winkeye

UK Letterbox Regulations

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Zap the Lizard

Speaking as a "Delivery Operative," surely the simplest way is simply say "Sod that," and kill the mail off as inaccessible. The public have the legal obligation, remember, to provide access for us. If they don't, well, they don't get any letters, do they?

UK Letterbox Regulations

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Researcher 201661

i have designed a tool which is designated to ease the posting of mail. I have today been to a plastic injection molding company with a view to approching the post office. I am not a postman but i have been involved with leaflet distribution and i do understand the problems associated with delivery of mail. I would be interested to hear from anyone, particularly post persons, to see if the problems which they experience are different from those for which the invention was designed. The tool was designed to facilitate the progress of a letter THROUGH the letter-box. The main problems seem to be that the inside flap prevents single letters from passing through because it folds them in half, which means that you have to push it open with your finger-tips. This therefore allows the waiting dog or CAT to rip your hands. There is also the problem of the hinge springs and flaps scraping the tops of your hand.
If you have experienced any other difficulties i would be VERY interested to hear from you.

UK Letterbox Regulations

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Did you get anywhere with producing this tool for delivering post? I'd be very interested in it - is it for sale anywhere?

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