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Bels - an incurable optimist. A1050986

I found this to be an extremely useful and thorough overview of this great composer, his output, and his place in the Italian national consciousness. The respect, not to say veneration, in which he is held by the Italian people can scarcely be over-estimated, and there can be hardly any Italian town or village that does not have a via G. Verdi.

If I may make a suggestion for a possible future update - bearing in mind that it would obviously be asking too much for everything written by this prolific composer to get a mention - it would be to mention that the enigmatic Four Sacred Pieces is a very interesting work of his maturity and perhaps shows another facet of his genius.

Thank you for a first-class, enjoyable and informative Entry.


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smiley - blush Thanks, Belshazzar!

Actually, I decided after writing this that I had gone a bit over-the-top - the length seemed to put people off a bit. It spent longer in Peer Review than anything else I've written so far!

I debated about putting in the Four Sacred Pieces at the time, and then decided that the entry was long enough. If I were writing it now, I mioght of course decide differently...

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Bels - an incurable optimist. A1050986

>It spent longer in Peer Review than anything else I've written so far!

Perhaps people were on holiday at that time of year? It's not as though anyone could add anything much by way of comment, you were so thorough as well as accurate.

And too long? It's only just over 3000 words, and so well organised that it's really easy to navigate.

Ah well, here's to your next opus! smiley - cheers

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