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Positioning more important.

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I think lane choice and positioning is more important than this article implies - maybe even more important than signalling! Anyway: it at least deserves a mention alongside signalling in the opening paragraphs.

I also think the advice on positioning for straight on, i.e. 2nd exit, is bad. I never keep to the left when passing any exit. That's asking to be left-hooked. At the very least I occupy the right extremity of the left lane, so as to dissuade anyone from trying to swing around me before going off, whilst also blocking "inside squeezers". The only time on a roundabout that I'll be on the left is when there are no more exits before the one I want.

I don't mind other vehicles passing me on the inside whilst there's still an exit or two to go before mine, but as I pass that penultimate exit I'll also be looking to move over to the left. At the same time I'll be trying to make eye-contact with any driver waiting to enter at that point. So I won't indicate left just yet, in case he takes that as an invitation to dash out in front of me. That indication I delay until I'm past the last entry before my exit.

The danger of cars entering from side roads is not adequately dealt with either. It IS possible to gaurd against it if you are constantly aware that it could happen. Always be ready to jink right and go around the front of any driver that treats you like a gap in traffic.

Going around the front is always the best thing to try when a driver pulls out on you. They'll not have done this in the first place if there was anything big and dangerous to back you up, so don't worry about what's behind. You don't have time to look anyway, so trust me there won't be anything there: swerve to the right and keep staring at the offender. He (or she) will notice you eventually, apply the brakes and end up blocking the lane you were in, while you take another turn around the roundabout. I've done this a few times in my cycling life, and having reached the age of 55 without EVER suffering ANY kind of accident on a roundabout - and only a couple of minor bumps in other places - I reckon my survival strategies are pretty well honed.

Otherwise: a well-written and generally sound item.

Positioning more important.

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I'm glad you liked the majority of the article. I'll admit I don't understand several terms that you use (left-hooked, inside squeezers, jink or 'going around the front'), but I certainly agree about not hugging the edge of the lane and the importance of lane positioning. smiley - smiley

I would personally choose to be solidly in the middle rather than the outside of the lane. On the right hand side you prevent traffic legally being in the inside lane and open yourself up to people thinking you're in the inside yourself, and coming through on the outside. Still, it sounds like we've both been navigating these things for years with no problem!

Many thanks for contributing, and welcome to h2g2. I look forward to seeing you in other conversations.

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Positioning more important.

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