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The "somebody" mentioned in the article who contributed to the process of storing blood was Dr. Charled Drew (1904-1950), a Black American. Dr. Drew not only developed the process call Banking, but also was the first Medical Director of the American Red Cross. He died unfortuntely after an auto accident. Ironically, some reports indicate that his life would've been saved if he had been treated with a transfusion. However, being a different shade of brown in the American South, he was denied treatment in the nearest hospital.


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I saw a program on tv about this. quite tragic, and a slur on us all that a person saves so many lives, yet he looses his because of his skin.

From what I remember of the program, it was not so much the lack of a transfussion, more that the doctors simply would not let him into the "white" hospital. Personaly if I were a doctor, I would cringe in shame over this. Don't they have something called a hypocritic oath. Well I suppose it is hypocritical so ...

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