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my parents getting divoced help

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my mum and dad are getting divorced and we are going on holiday in 3 days and my dad aint cumin so it making it hard for me everyone is trying to get me on their side i just want mum and dad to b together but they wont their both stubborn they both admit that they still love each other but neither will make the first move so im getting depressed about it and it making me sad i have exames this year and i cant concentrate i ant botherd about me or if i do well in them i just want them to b together but they wont this is making me very down an suicedel cas i have to c both parents once a day or they will think i am taking side which i aint it is alos making me very tyred my broither and sis aint talking to me dad only me and my wee bro who is five is and he is crying all the time cas he is missing dad so much cas he sin so young i cant b arsed togoing on holiday its gonna b crap i will just end up getting drunk everyday to block out my pain then i will end up smoking loads aswll i dont deal wel with stress it makes me so angry to think that they could do this to me this is the last thing i need as i have just goten ouy of my last serios deppression and i cant go to the docs cas it is to embarrasing to admit that a fifteen year old is deprresed i just cant take smiley - wah

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my parents getting divoced help

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