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smiley - smileyHi - I caught sight of the mango methods - an inspired topic for an article!

I thought the researchers might like to know that before I went to India a few years ago, my then neighbour (an elderly Indian lady of impeccable culinary credentials) instructed me to do the butterfly with mangoes: i.e. the dice n' fold back method.

The problem then is what to do with the awkward, rather stringy but still nice-'n-juicy stone in the centre. A fancy solution to this is to push it through a device which I don't know a name for: a small pottery thing with an oval hole. This juices the mango pip, leaving a much drier stone and a nice pool of juice that can be mixed with orange juice. Back in the UK, I once asked an Indian friend if she knew what the little juicer things are called, but she was mystified. Her teenage son said "it's called a yoni!!" - which doesn't bear translation and got him told off! smiley - biggrin

Is it worth adding any of this to the article, and if so, I wonder if anyone knows a name for the little juicer things?

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butterfly manoevre

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