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Drinking Games

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Why not ditch the cards and just drink the beer? I have never understood drinking games.
If you want to get drunk there's an easy way to do it. Drink like a smiley - fish
smiley - smiley

Drinking Games

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ex-Rambling. Thingite. Dog. Pythonist. Deceased.

My husband has played this game, and he says it gets to the point where people start ad libing rules. Soon you can't take a breath without then taking a drink.smiley - laughsmiley - cheers

Drinking Games

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That's the whole point. There's a variation, or something similar where if you draw a 7 (I think) you add a rule, so as well as all the rules for drawing cards, there ends up being loads of rules for your general existence.

Much more fun if you play 2 games at the same time. Add in something like Lord of the Thumbs, and then everyone gets trashed. Especially if you have opposing rules.smiley - drunk

Lord Of The Thumbs.smiley - ok
Appoint one player Lord of the Thumbs to begin. Carry on about your drinking. At some point, when the Lord feels it appropriate they place their thumb on the edge of the table, with their hand underneath (you know what I mean). When any of the other players notice, they do the same. The last person to notice has to perform the alcohol based forfeit of choice - often 4 fingers. They are then Lord of the Thumbs for the next round.smiley - ale

Drinking Games

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ex-Rambling. Thingite. Dog. Pythonist. Deceased.

sounds like a good way to get smiley - drunksmiley - cheerssmiley - cdouble

Drinking Games

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Do you also know drinking games with dices? Cards aren't very popular for drinking games in Germany, but a variation of Revolver is also known.
The most favourite drinking game in the region I live in is "Meiern" , maybe I'll write an article about it.

Drinking Games

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Bebel Matman Owlatron's Thundercat Tshirt Dude

As well as Lord of the Thumbs we have King of the Surf, who at any given moment jumps up onto his chair, legs bent, arms out, wobbling like he's surfing, singing the theme tune to Hawaii 5-0, and of course the last person to surf has to drink.
Especially effective if playing the game in a really poncey stuffy pub.
smiley - cheers

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