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Dipping Biscuits

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Here I would much like it if everyone tried out ALL of the great recipies that come up, and then come back and review them. You'll be holding your own biscuit dipping parties in no time!(As seen on the Graham Norton show).

I'll Start the ball rolling.

As suggested by Natalie Imbruglia, take hot coffee/chocolatle/tea and a biscuit. Hers was a specific kind, found only in Austrailia. However, I have found that almost any chocolate covered biscuit will do. I'll start with my first kind ever.It's called a BINGO.

The basic technique, is to bip it in, suck it, dip it in, suck it, and so on. However, as we're all mature people here, I hope we can cope with a more advanced method.

Make sure you have your drink ready. It needs to be hot, but not so hot as to scold yourself, this is not a Daredevil Sport!
Bite a bit of a corner off. Then turn the biscuit round and bite off the adjacent corner(opposite-diagonally). Then, purse your lips, and get ready to use the biscuit as a straw. Dip one end in, then suck hard, until you feel the warm drink on your lips. Now quickly flip it round, and shove the whole biscuit into your mouth. Be careful, as it may drip, or even fall apart depending on the discuit(thats where your ratings and opinions come in first, whether it works with the type or not).
Thats when it gets orgasmic!!!!
Its undescribeable, but I've never found a person who doesn't like it(you must like the normal drink, and you must like the biscuit.....theres no point trying it in tea if you hate tea, likewise with the biscuits).
Now get out there! Take a packet of biscuits to work every day. Let your coleagues join in at tea break. It's sure to make the office a much more enjoyable place, with everyone looking forward to a good warm discuit at break!
You'll see what I mean.
Now try it for yourself. And remember...keep all your reviews and recipies posted. And be adventurous!


Dipping Biscuits

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well i would have to recommend the god of dipping biccies... ginger nuts! they really r orgasmic as firsty was saying. take them with tea but juts drop them in for about 20 secs then fish them out with a spoon and m taste the goodness! but do NOT drink the whole cup of tea. u r left with little fragments of biscuit and its mankey! dont do it i tell you! mmmmmmmm ginger nuts OO i feel like billy piper! anyway,

luv ya all


Dipping Biscuits

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Bebel Matman Owlatron's Thundercat Tshirt Dude

It works a treat with Twixes (what's the plural of Twix? Is it Twix'? Twixs? Twixes? Twixi?). If you want, you can just carry on using them as a straw for your drink until you're ready to scoff it.
smiley - choc YUM!

Dipping Biscuits

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Sound excellent!

I know that right now i have 3 boost bars in the fridge, but 4 some reason....I don't think that'll work.
I'm gonna get some hot chocolatle, a boost, and I'll try first with a little inch. Then if I like it, I might just have some more!


P.s.Twixies? kinda like Pixies?......just a suggestion!

Dipping Biscuits

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Bebel Matman Owlatron's Thundercat Tshirt Dude

No, because the singular is pixie, that wouldn't work. Working from the rule the word "mix" uses, it would be "twixes", but that just seems really disappointing. I want it to be twixi or twixae or something... smiley - sadface

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