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Don't sing.

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As far as I can see, you only missed one thing. Don't sing. There's actually a song dedicated to this subject.

Don't sing anything mellow after wiskey.

In addition to 'mellow' I've found that classic rock, heavy metal, oldies, hip hop, and country and western are also to be avoided. I haven't yet tried or heard anyone try Opera when drunk, but I can't imagine that would go over any better.

Hence, don't sing. (=


Don't sing.

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no kidding man! each and every time i get snockered i insist on singing Hank Williams, David Allen Coe,Merle Haggard, Willie nelson, Waylon Jennings, ect. and it honestly sounds good to me at the time, but to everybody else it seems more like a cat in a blender ( unless theyre as blasted a me, inwhich case they usually join me.)

Don't sing.

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Anna Siren- the heathen of the deep, according to iTunes...

When I get drunk I usually start singing anything stupid [SpongeBob SquarePants, anyone?] or a variation on The Clash or Green Day…

And yes, sometimes it does sound like a cat in a blender- but on my 18th, everyone was drunk enough to start singing and doing the dance with me...

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Don't sing.

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