A Conversation for Pink Floyd - The Wall

Rather good stuff.

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I rather enjoyed this entry. To be honest seeing the hammers on the front page delighted me to no end, and when I read this entry, wow! I was happy. I do feel a mention of "The Final Cut" would have been worthwhile since it is Roger's spiritual precursor to The Wall, but what can you do? Perhaps that's another entry for another day. Even if it isn't the best album (by far, cough cough) it is worth a mention. In fact you could even make a university project out of all of Pink Floyd's works. smiley - smiley

Anywho, thanks for the entry. It's really unique and was fun to read!


Rather good stuff.

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Tony2Times/Prof. Chaos

Indeed that was my next plan - the university project I mean. I kind of hoped to do them all myself but I do not yet have all the albums so I can't, not sure whether to wait 'til I own them all or ask a few others for help. Certainly I can do Dark Side - Division Bell but omitting The Final Cut, which I didn't include because I thought it would be too grande to merely throw a reference into. Plus this entry was huge enough as it is I was nervous of it being too long to warrant reading.

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