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We used to go often to Guernsey in the 70s when I was a kid. I thought it was great - They have good weather, beaches, fishing, sports events, interesting history and culture, and a castle that is fascinating, especially I suppose for schoolboys, as are the old fortifications from the occupation.

One trip we made it to Alderney instead. If it is still much as it was, I think it is well worth a visit unless you are looking for an all-night rave, shopping centres or something like the Louvre or the Tate gallery. It is/was very unspoiled - and small enough to walk everywhere if you want. Fishing was great and it is a place one can appreciate some quiet.

It is/was also plastered with fortifications from the occupation. This was very interesting for me at the time (being a schoolboy) - Quite a thrill to explore old buildings and rusted gun emplacements, still with the graffiti and signage left intact. Probably quite dangerous too - so it would not suprise me if it is all covered up now like on Guernsey.

They had a small museum that explained a bit of the history - including the hardships of the occupation. It was made public about a year after that visit that Alderney had during the war many prisoners brought over to suffer forced labour and worked to death. Quite a horrible thought - something you wouldn't think of today. That in mind, there is a significant place in recent history if not partly a morbid one from the last occupation. For people interested in WWII history the island was made into a huge fortress and it's there if you want to see what they looked like and get an idea how they worked.

Besides that it is a beautiful island and a good place to relax, especially if you enjoy the sea and doing stuff in it.

If you get bored you can always hop on over to Guernsey.

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