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Wand'rin star

Two million people died of malaria last year.
If you are living in a malarial area 1) forget re-incarnation. Kill every mosquito you see (Unless, of course, your eyesight is good enough to distinguish male and female) 2) take the prophylactic. Even if it doen't kill you, malaria is not a pleasant experience.smiley - star
Oh, and anti-mosquito incense coils seem to work fairly well.


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Researcher 170889

I will certainly sleep better knowing that I can not only itch but likely die. For those NOT in a malarial area, consider West Nile virus: MUCH more deadly than malaria, though less common - still, if you can't get malaria in, say, New York, you CAN get West Nile....


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Monsignore Pizzafunghi Bosselese

There's still the issue of 'airport malaria' or any other 'airport xyz-disease': you can acquire just about everything if you happen to be present at an airport while a suitcase is being opened (for custom service or whatever reason) and a mosquito escapes smiley - erm


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Silly Willy

It's interesting that it's not the Mosquito with the virus, it's the organisms in the mosquito's saliva.


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Well yes that is correct, it is the little bugger organism inside the mosquitoe that infects the unsuspecting victim . These organisms are called plasmodium and there are more than just one of these nasty fellows. The four main malaria plasmodia that humans contract are Plasmodium falciparum, p. vivax, p. malariae, and p. ovale. And surprisingly there is only one species of mosquitoe that spreads the virus. This is the species Anopheles gambiae. And once again, even more surprisingly, it is the female mosquitoe that is infected. And they only feed in the evening and night. if you wanna here any horror stories of my trip to africa or any more info on malaria, ask me, I'm new to this website, I'm sixteen, don't know an awful lot about science and wanna learn, seeya.


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Silly Willy

Hello anti-hero! Welcome to h2g2. Why don't you write an intorduction on your space and then people can leave messages on your page...

smiley - smiley


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By the way, the more mosquitoes you kill, the more you speed up evolution - they'll get faster and more cunning and start using camouflage...

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