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kasese<a rather confused individual, desperately seeking Harmony>

Brilliant! You summed up my seasonal angst. The forever, relentless sound of that useless bug while faceing the dark abiss! As a Canadian who lives directly on the shores of Lake Ontario, I confront this pesky bug every summer, whether it is in front of my campfire or in the bedroom. While my husband snores soundly beside me, I'm constantly reminded of the mosquito's presence- forever swarming around my ear relentlessly disrupting my sleep pattern. With a very long winter behind me, spring is here in Canada and mosquitos aren't due to arrive for another 2 months. To my surprise today- I went to my car and fought off a swarm of these obnoctious bugs. It's only April 12th! This summer will prove to be a season of sleepless nights turning on the light switch with a fly swatter in hand ready to kill the mosquito which happily lands on my sleeping husband's bare butt! Sometimes revenge is truly sweet! Where do you live?


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I wrote this one several years ago, when I still lived at my parents flat. I live in Bonn, Germany, and i'm glad that mosquitos aren't much of a problem here. But I've been to India twice, and i know what it's like to get no sleep at all in the night, because of these fiendish little creatures and especially the sounds they make.

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