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Other natural repellants

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Researcher Ragnaschlock

I've discovered that eating lots of garlicky foods keeps blood sucking creatures away (fleas, mosquitos, vampires) and vitamin B supplements help as well. Of course, overdoing the garlic can tend to repell a lot more than you intended (coworkers, pets, loved ones, etc.)

Other natural repellants

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I read something about bananas, once. As in, rubbing them on your skin, if I remember correctly. I can't remember if it was to prevent bites or to soothe the itching, though it might just work for both.
I'll look it up and get back later.

Other natural repellants

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Sorry, I apparently got that backwards...
Go to http://jean_e.tripod.com/thewholedogstore/id11.htmlto check out a site that seems moderately reliable.

Other natural repellants

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Is it true that quinine repels mosquitos, and that it is present in tonic water?

I confess I have believed this without research, or confirmation, with resultant only too regular gin overdoses (which I find aids the digestion of the tonic)

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