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A new National Anthem?

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The comedian Billy Connolly once suggested that the Archers theme music be adopted as the new British National Anthem, since it's so much livelier, brighter and more uplifting than the dirgelike "God Save The Queen". An excellent idea, don't you think? smiley - biggrin

A new National Anthem?

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Zarniroop (er.... I'll think of something amusing to put here soon!)

But what would the words be?


A new National Anthem?

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There are some "instrumental" national anthems - national tunes, if you like! I don't think the Spanish one has any words, although I couldn't swear to that. Having a wordless anthem neatly sidesteps ideological arguments over the lyric and bypasses language barriers!

A new National Anthem?

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You can call me TC

And the Americans wouldn't confuse it with one of their patriotic songs. (Is it 'My country 'tis of thee?')

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