A Conversation for The Menopause

hot flush

Post 1


HERE IT COMES smiley - wah

Here it comes, I feel a prickle
Behind my nose there is a glow
Oh I'm going to be in a pickle
Soon it will be there on show

Quick disrobe, lessen the combustion
Up goes the hair, off comes the coat
Heat exploding, cannot think clear
Don't speak to me, I now cannot hear

Every flush is like the very first
Feel my head will surely burst
Building, rising, getting stronger
Oh I can't take this any longer

Ok it's peaking, I'm all clammy
Wow my gosh that was a wammy
Trickle, trickle, drip and dribble
If I was a drawing I'd be a scribble

My make-up has slipped onto the floor
My hairs gone flat, wasn't like that before
I really feel my day is over, it's only 10 am
Look at the youngsters - I wanna be like them

I'm still young but feel my youth has gone
It's hard to sing a happy song
No wonder I get so irate
And everything seems to irritate

But I'm still happy in my own soggy way
These hot flushes are not here to stay
But these flushes i'll never forget
they make me weak BUT I AIN'T DONE YET

Dotty xxx

hot flush

Post 2


Mrs gandalfstwin would like to know how to releive these hot and cold sweats, if possible.


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