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The male menopause

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Cheerful Dragon

Years ago (and possibly even today) men tried to get sympathy during their 40s and 50s by claiming to go through a 'male menopause'. Symptoms of this include being unable to sustain an erection. Any sympathy I *might* have felt evaporated when I saw a BBC programme called (I think) body matters. It was hosted by, amongst others, Graham Garden, a qualified doctor as well as an ex-Goodie. On the programme they compared the human hormone system to a garden hose attached to a tap. During adult live, the tap is open and water (hormones) flows. They said that yes, men do experience a menopause, in the sense of reduced hormone levels. However, in a man, it's like somebody turning the tap off very slowly. In a woman, it's like somebody putting an axe through the hosepipe.

Nice try, fellas, but no cigar! smiley - winkeye

The male menopause

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ian the sweeper of skies and dream weaver

Trouble is men have got a hosepipe, women haven't.ouch!!ianmac.smiley - smiley

The male menopause

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abbi normal "Putting on the Ritz" with Dr Frankenstein

I heard a Dr talking about andropause in men.
Starting about 45 and being affected closer to once a year,lasting for weeks. Each year it tends to increase until stablized again at a lower level - in 6-8 years.

Like PMS and menopause if you have baggage it will feel as if it multiplies at that time. It can be a great positive motivator for change or it can be depressing.

I want to look around for more information , it's a controversial idea in some circles. Comments, links welcomedsmiley - ok

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