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The Guy in Green will not leave!

Post 61

Mish Prefect


That Fish took some working out!!

Post 62

RichardG R#26400

smiley - fish > < >

So what's it meant to convey?
Bit of a damp squib?, or Sounds Fishy to me?, or Babel Fish needed?

Please enlighten me O Crazy One

Have you seen my towel anywhere?

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Marvin, I love you. Can I take you home? And will you wash my towels?

Have you seen my towel anywhere?

Post 64

The day walker

Never mind your towel, what about my coach & horses!

Green Suit Inspections

Post 65

Nudge Me Gently

Sorry Mish but if you refer to the guide under the heading green suits, you will find your answer to how he found your addy. It seems that the before the guide went electronic it was published in paperback form. The green suit company bought all the old paper stock and used it to print there "Inspected by" labels. I am guessing your addy was on the back of his scrap of paper. This also explains why he has mad himself at home... he thinks it came with the suit. Just be glad the idiot got the part with your addy and not your name.

Green Suit Inspections

Post 66

Mish Prefect

The Guy In Green has mysteriously vanished into no-where.
This is either a very good tihng, or I could be done for murder... I _didn't_ murder him, okay?!
Just be careful you froods, cause he mighht strike your house next! I have _no_ biscuits left, and only two tea-bags.

Have you seen my towel anywhere?

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Researcher 38618

Learn to spell

Towel tranformation.

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I think you will find that your towel has gone to the same place that socks go. If you can solve that mystery then I am sure you will find your towel. I belive your towel and the afore mentioned socks can be found only in another dimencion. Happy hunting.

Where the socks go.

Post 69

Schrodingers Rabit

Socks come in pairs, Socks and anti-socks. When these are colided together in a Laundry acclerator, or 'drier' they collide and annihilate to create new 'exotic' fundemental particles, known as hankerchiefs and direr fluf.

Re: Have you seen my towel anywhere?

Post 70


Or would you be a product of the Sirian Cybernetics Corp., i.e. not PROGRAMMED to FUNCTION? smiley - smiley

Where the socks go.

Post 71

RichardG R#26400

Nice Theory - but fundamentally flawed . . .

It does not explain the "odd" sock which inevitably remains.

Where the socks go.

Post 72


ok, well the anti-socks come in halves, now a half will naturally find another opposite half, a bit like magnetism, but occasionally, it dosen't, and there is a half an anti-sock that reacts with your sock so then your sock just dissapears for a while, and returns when you least expect it!! smiley - fish

Have you seen my towel anywhere?

Post 73


ok i just looked reall really hard at my towel and i cant find a tag is this good or bad ?????

Have you seen my towel anywhere?

Post 74


A towel without a tag is like
a dog without a bone,
a snail without a home,
or a fish without a phone.

I'm not sure if this is generally seen to be good or bad. By the way, is a snail without a home, a slug ?

Have you seen my towel anywhere?

Post 75

Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz

i have seen your towel, it is in my locker at the space port on betelgeuse V. you can have it back for nothing if you follow the proper procedures and fill in forms I, II, 3a, 22.678 of the interstellar import/export law subsection 22299 paragraph 1.
if you cant go through all that then I will accept a insignificant sum of money, a pan-galactic gargle blaster and a chance to play u at ultra cricket.

looking forward to blatting you round the head

yours sincerely prostetnic vogon jeltz

Have you seen my towel anywhere?

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I think that a snail without a home is a slug, but if i pull the slug out of a snail shell is it still a snail, or does is transform into a slug. When i put the said slug back in to the snail shell is it still a slug........
If the slug was on my towel and i used the infinate infinity drive would it turn in to a tag or a whale...............

Have you seen my towel anywhere?

Post 77

Mish Prefect

No. It would turn into a Leech.

I seen it!

Post 78


I fund it on Ursa minor. It's a bit shaken but Ok. If you go to Customs they will return it to you. Have a drink on me!

Re: Have you seen my towel anywhere?

Post 79

Researcher 49613

I would like a towel please but do you take TRIGANCIC PU's (See Guide For details)

I seen it!

Post 80


i have decided that this name is just not me. so i will change it, i have a few ideas, but does anyone have any suggestions.(praise bob, by the way) smiley - fish

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