A Conversation for Manufactured Bands and How to Avoid Them

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Hugh Jass

Manufactured bands are there for the school kids to spend their pocket money on and drool over during puberty...and for the parents a chance to look hip.
Even the live band circuit is under threat from the likes of Linkin Park (allegedly the first manufactured rock band(?)). I admit to purchasing the album and finding a good half of it listenable until a friend pointed out that if the detuned guitars were stripped away from the tracks then you'd have the new Back Street Boys album.
Be afraid;Be very afraid!

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Katsy a.k.a. Esti

Yeah I can't help it, I really do like Linkin Park but from what I hear they did form together by themselves without ads being placed by some prospective manager...

It really does scare me to think that manufactured bands are crossing over into rock. Two years ago I used to be the typical teenage girl who was mad about every boyband who got onto the radio. Therefore I know the thinking behind it (the fans that is). I was a big Spice Girls fan from about the age of 10-13 (my brother was constantly making fun of me for it, hes into Aerosmith, Guns 'n' Roses, Metallica etc..), but weirdly enough towards the end of my "pop loving days" i began to despise the thinking behind it even though I loved the music. Thankfully now I call myself a fully fledged rocker and hate all the pop I used to be so mad about! The good thing is I dont have too many skeletons in my closet because I'm poor so I dont have too many embarrasing CD's (apart from the first two Westlife albums which my mum wont let me sell because... she likes them *HELP ME*)

It's quite funny though how that desciption of the boyband is so accurate!

I'm actually really scared though because I saw Westlife live once (I cant believe I'm sacrificing my good reputation by admitting all these things!) and they did a set of acoustic songs (one of them can play guitar, they included a cover of that song by Extreme "More Than Words), and said they want to one day merge into a rock band. Also A1 play instruments and apparently want to do the same thing. Sadly one of mates really likes them and gets upset with me when I diss them so now I've kinda been banned from dissing them smiley - sadface

Did you know Faye Tozer (ex Steps) went to Ozzfest this year! She says System of a Down are her favourite band!

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I heard that Linkin Park formed themselves, but when they got a record deal, the label thought something was missing so they brought in Chester Bennington.

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Very true. Look at the likes of Busted and McFly

Bands like these two and linkin park also last longer than the average shelf life.

Pity really.

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