A Conversation for Manufactured Bands and How to Avoid Them


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You mentioned a1 as a manufactured band.

Technically, you're right. Yes - they were put together by Sony but NO - They didn't get other people to write their songs for them, there wasn't *one* lead singer with others harmonising (although Ben did sing quite a lot of the main parts in the beginning), their singles did *not* get replaced by songs that were near identicle to theirs and they *could* play their own instruments.
If it weren't for Paul leaving, people would have seen how good they actually were after finally shaking off the boyband image they'd been under.

Sorry. Huge a1 fan here. I know they're not around any more and I've forgotten how long ago this post was made but I just thought I'd say what I thought as they really were fantastic guys.
Granted, their first album was *very* cheesy and not as good as their latest (and last) but that doesn't class make them a bad band.

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