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Stephen King is my favourite author

Stephen King

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no kidding!

Stephen King

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smiley - laugh , im big Stephen King fan too .He seems to get mot eople started on horror .Weve not long had a bit of a chat about that at the Dead Mans Inn (A726950)our own little forum for horror fans.

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In a century or so, I'm betting King will be seen as Dickens' successor. In reality most of the great authors have been commercial successes - Chaucer, Shakespeare, Dickens, to name but three. I think there is far too much pretentiousness in literature today. If a story keeps you hooked, it's a good story.

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Heroic Muse

There's unfortunately bias against horror writers, at least in America. (King goes into this a bit in _On Writing_, which I consider to be one of the better books on writing--not to mention, again, biographical details.)

This is unfortunate, because I think Stephen King is one of the most talented writers I have read recently. I am sad to hear that he is retiring...

I cannot, at the moment, think of a Stephen King book I have read that did not make me cry at some point. _The Dead Zone_--the first Stephen King book I ever read--affected me profoundly, and I've been hungry for more King ever since.

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Researcher 234658

I first read Stephen King when my boyfriend lent me The Talisman and I loved it. I really don't like horror but he kept raving about King's books so I had to check them out. I let him vet them for me now because sometimes they say horror on the covers when they aren't.
At first, my other friends thought I was reading trash, but lately King has become a 'respected writer' and I think you are right when you say he will become seen as another Dickens because the writing is so, so good. I'm hooked.
I think his writing has become more confused since he had the accident that nearly killed him and wonder if this caused any brain damage.
I also remember him saying on a documentary that he wrote about things that scared him which is fascinating. He must be a nervous wreck.

Stephen King

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King has been my favorite author since my uncle slipped a copy of the short story collection "Night Shift" into my sweaty teenage hands nigh 15 years ago. The stories in that collection are still chilling and thrilling me now, as I pass into my thirties.
A note about the text here: Well written as it is, and as extensive as it is, it could be updated with several of King's recent releases (Everything's Eventual, Bag of Bones, DT 5: The Wolves of Calla, et al), as well as updating any personal information (such as his "retirement,"smiley - wah or notsmiley - winkeye, and the monthly Entertainment Weekly column on popular culture he's undertaken (when not battling sickness, recently pneumonia)). A note about his vehement support of good, unknown authors (Ron McLartysmiley - cool comes immediately to mind) and the short story form (as seen in his introduction to the collection "Everything's Eventual") would be undoubtedly welcome in this entry, too.
All in all, a good post.smiley - biggrinsmiley - run

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