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I have read many of King's books and enjoyed most of them--Pet Sematary and The Shining were favorites of mine--but I can't help noticing that he always portrays a very dark view of the world. Besides the horror element, which I happen to like (I am a sci-fi/fantasy/horror writer myself), he primarily depicts abusive spouses or parents, children drinking beer, people without hearts, scruples, or morals, and parents encouraging their two-year-olds to swear. I'm very curious--what is it he sees in the world that makes his representation of it so...well, twisted? If anyone has any idea, I'd love to know. I think he's an excellent and very talented writer, and I'd like to know more about what goes on in his mind when he writes.

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I guess this is true to a certain degree. I think he has a nice blend of the bad side of the world and the good. I really like the Green Mile where you have the bad side - The murder of the girls, the whole death row thing, Percy Wetmore etc. However it is counteracted by the good side - The other prison officers, Mr Jingles and of course John Coffey himself.

I find this is true of many Stephen King books. Another one that springs to mind is The Shawshank Redemption.

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I think Rita Heyworth and the Shawshank Redemption is his best actual story. "Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things".

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mean green

maybe you should read his book 'On Writing' smiley - winkeye


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If you want to sum up Stephen King in one quote, here it is:

"I have the heart of a little boy really. In a jar on my desk."

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Personally I think the main reason he focuses so hard on the dark is becuase his writting(like many other writers) is a reflection of aspects of his own life and fears. Consider the fact he is a recovering Alcoholic and drug addict against how many of his characters are one or the other. The Shinning for all its haunted house trappings is after all really the story of a man descending into the most destructive side of his disease(some thing Kubrick largely failed to capture).

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bag of bones is great king book who agrees ????????

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has anyone got an opinion about bag of bones??????

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I'm not really here

Probably, what stories were in that one? I've read them all, so can never remember what's in what book.

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