A Conversation for Selected Pretentious Literary Terminology

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minichessemouse - Ahoy there me barnacle!

transferred epithett(sp) similar to anthropomorphisation. (as far as i remember anyway)

cliche = overused phrase "broken hearted"

anthopomorphise = to give human characteristics to inanimate objects or animals "The curtain twitched nervously in the breeze"

denoument = the untangling of all the intertwined threads ina story or play

minismiley - mouse

missing terms

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I'm sure you meant anthropomorphise.
I agree it's missing.
How about didactic... that's a good one.

missing terms

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I was hooked on english jargon ever since my primary school teacher first told me we were going to "investigate the patterns in pluralisation"

This conversation could go on forever. But here are my personal favourites:

parentheses - alternative name for brackets

palimpsest - the sense of the past being overwritten by the present

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