A Conversation for Hot Dog Stands and Other Street Foods, New York City, USA

Don't forget snowcones

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The snowcone is one of New York's most delightful and refreshing street treats. You'll find vendors throughout Manhatten from May through September, offering the perfect antidote to New York's sweltering, humid summer days.

The carts are smaller than the ones serving hot food, because all they have on hand is a block of ice, a special scraper, conical paper cups and about a dozen different bottles of flavoured syrups. Depending on where you are, a snow cone shouldn't cost you more than $1 - $2. Try the raspberry, my personal favourite.

Don't forget snowcones

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Dr. Funk

Ah! I knew I was forgetting things. Those, and ice cream trucks, and etc. etc. Thanks for bringing it up.

I think the raspberry snowcone is my favorite, too. smiley - smiley

Don't forget snowcones

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what about italian ice? or is that just considered a snow cone?

Don't forget snowcones

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Dr. Funk

Italian ice is a whole other creature, utterly deserving of its own entry instead of being shoehorned into this one (even though you can get Italian ice from carts, it's true). As much as I like snowcones, to my taste nothing quite compares to the Italian ice. In summer, I prefer it even to ice cream.

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