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wow someone got it right...

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WOWBAGGER, big bird

I have been sick lately of how many people go around using the term ninja to look cool. I looked at your site to see what you had to say about it and was very very impressed. I study ninjutsu under Shidoshi Richard Severance(13th degree black belt) so when someone claims to be ninja and just uses the name to be cool it is very insulting to those who actualy study and love the art. I was impressed and honoured that you studied the topic so far as to include Hatsumi sensei and even (to my great surprise and pleasure) Takamatsu sensei. I am also wondering if you study the art somewhere or if you just did the reserch on it. either way I am very very impressed. Oh, just one thing before i forget, in the "warrior creed" there is a line you missed. it is the first line of the three lined phrase, it is as follows: "Wherever I go, everyone is a little bit safer because I am there." if you want to find out more about this the website is as follows:
http://www.livingvalues.com/warrior_creed.htm I just thought since you did so much reserch and put together such a profoundly good report of the ninja, you would like to know. I am very impressed.

wow someone got it right...

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AlexK the Twelve of Motion

Hey have you seen the game Ninja Gaiden for Xbox? I wonder what you think of it.

wow someone got it right...

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intelligent moose (the one true H2G2 Moose)

heh heh, just watching "American Ninja" on the telly - he's just sworn to "uphold the bushido". I had to laugh.

wow someone got it right...

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The Ninja Gaiden game for xbox was actually really good. Being a big fan of the original Ninja Gaiden series on NES, i reserved the new game before hand and got it the day it came out. The graphics were really good. Good controls too. The only thing was that it was really hard, like really really hard. You would turn corners and then just die from stuff. But it was really fun and I love a good challenge. So yeah i would give a 9.5 outta 10.

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