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Ninja: A correction

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While the piece about ninjas is mostly correct you failed to mention a few pointers.

Dr. Massaki Hatsumi is dai/soke/grandmaster of the Bujinkan, there are also Genbukan and Jinenkan. All three schools came from Takamatsu and a split within the Japan dojo created these three schools of ancient samurai and ninpo schools.

Secondly, you could have mentioned some relevent people in the history of ninjutsu. One ninja clan made it to the palace and became a "gardener", a term that was given to oversee any future uprising and have it surpressed.

Thirdly, Tonfa and Nunchaku are Okinawan based weapons. They were developed by the Okinawan people for fighting. Karate was developed to counter the samurai fighting, while ninja was developed to be utilised as and when needed. The ninja never used these implements as Okinawa is more karate based, while ninjutsu/samurai is mainland Japan.

Ninja used kusari gama, kusari fundo, bo, han bo, shuriken as well as throwing stars (yes there is a difference), yari, katana, kunai, kyoketsushoge ETC

As a practitioner of the Bujinkan of 5 years, I have learned the difference between samurai/ninja and the more thought of Japanese Okinawan fighting skills.

Ninja: A correction

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please can you post a fuller explanation of all that stuff you mentioned.

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