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Getting someone else to do it.

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The last time we moved, we decided to pay somebody to do it. We used the largest moving company in the UK and I can quite honestly say it was great.
There was no stress, no breakeages and practically nothing for us to do. They had special boxes for stuff, like the wardrobe box, which will take all your clothes on their hangers.
The company was expensive, but worth every penny.

Getting someone else to do it.

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This is also good if you can afford it when going overseas. Really delicate stuff that you don't trust them with goes in hand baggage or someone's attic.
Get more than one quote on really long distance moves. The difference in price can be as much as 50% smiley - star

Getting someone else to do it.

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I agree with getting someone else to do it. We moved from London to the Isle of Man about a year ago and hired a truck and loaded and drove it ourselves. Cost a fortune, took loads of time off work, was a bit of an adventure but that's all. Moving back (this week in fact) we used a company. Cost a little more (maybe a hundred quid extra), but they did pretty much all the heavy work and all the time-consuming long distance driving.

It's a good idea to supervise at all times though. However clearly your boxes are marked, you're still relying on the removal man having learnt to read at some stage. He may very well not have.

Also, despite their amazing professional skills in loading a lorry, they will still tell you most sincerely that this particular very heavy wardrobe will absolutely not fit up the next flight of stairs and into the small bedroom at the top of the house. As a complete amateur, you will suddenly find that you have astonishing untapped skills as a removal man and that, if they turn said wardrobe sideways and tip it slightly... ahh, there you go. They will usually act as if they've worked this one out for themselves (which they no doubt have, in fact), and it's probably best to admire them for it.

Talking of professionals, I had to remove a massive concrete fireplace from a second floor flat once. I got it away from the wall and managed to drag/walk it about 3 feet towards the door before I gave up and called a 'man-and-van' bloke to take it away. We agreed on 20 quid, which seemed very fair for what looked like at least five hours hard labour - at which point his 7ft tall mate walked in, picked up the fireplace and THREW it over the balcony into the back of the flatbed truck waiting below. Yo! Respec'! Nutter...

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Getting someone else to do it.

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