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Hey look - we're in the Cold War again...

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Martin Harper

... well - lovely entry, as I said in the Peer Review thread - but it would have been nice to have taken some note of the comments in Peer Review - in particular those by Solshnuka. Those looking for an alternative viewpoint could do worse that read the Peer Review thread: http://www.bbc.co.uk/h2g2/guide/F64550?thread=104998&show=20&skip=18 *sigh*

Hey look - we're in the Cold War again...

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Ginger The Feisty

I did look for comments on this article but couldn't find any. Either that's a timing issue or I'm looking in the wrong place. In fact, I found this very difficult to sub because I felt it was so biased. I did try to take out all the references to "we" (as in the USA).
I might, if I get time, try and look at the thread and maybe resub the article.

Hey look - we're in the Cold War again...

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Martin Harper

Oh - that's unlucky for you Ginger - no wonder you had so much troubly trying to unbias it... smiley - blue Never mind, I'm sure researchers will share their views in these fora, so it'll be ok in the long run smiley - smiley

Hey look - we're in the Cold War again...

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Yowuzupman- New Top Speed 122 (thats mph you metric fools)

it is baised, yes, against the Russians, undoubtibly, against the Cubans, certainly, in favor of the Kennedy Administration, definately. But it will be ok in the long run as you said smiley - smiley

Hey look - we're in the Cold War again...

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~ jwf ~ scribblo ergo sum

The bias is an accurate reflection of the standards of the time that made it impossible to do anything but just sit quietly and wait to be incinerated. The growth of the 'anti-nuke' and 'peace' protest marches came afterward, when people realised how helpless we really were.

Hey look - we're in the Cold War again...

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I realise I'm somewhat late in joining this thread, but I do have to say that the link to the alternative view above is much more in keeping with the understanding I gleaned from my (English) history lessons.

It could even be argued further that the US were out of line in insisting that they can dictate what another country does on its own soil. I wonder how the situation would have panned out if the roles were reversed.....

Hey look - we're in the Cold War again...

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Martin Harper

It's amusing, re-reading this entry, and realising just how much Wikipedia's NPOV focus has seeped into my mindset. The last para, in particular, had me reaching for the invisible "Edit this page" button.

Irritatingly, Wikipedia's own entry on the subject, while more neutral, is also a little shorter. Curses! smiley - smiley

Hey look - we're in the Cold War again...

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~ jwf ~ scribblo ergo sum

smiley - bigeyes
Lucy! Great to see you again.

For the record, in the years since this subject was included as an Edited Guide Entry several new facts have come to light as more and more Soviet documents are declassified.

Two things no one knew then:

There were four nuclear Soviet subs shadowing the missile ship convoy to Cuba. The four Captains, realising they would be out of communication with Moscow once they reached the Bermuda triangle had sworn a mutual death pact. If any one of them had been detected and attacked, the others would assume the war had started and launch their nuclear missiles at America.

And on the island of Cuba itself there were Soviet artillery batteries with so called 'tactical' nukes. Manned by a mix of Cuban regulars and Russian officers they had standing orders to use them against any American invasion fleet before they reached the beach.

We were very lucky we never found those subs or attempted to land forces on the island. So 40 years later I'm scared all over again to realise that we never know what's going on until it's too late. And because we can't stay lucky forever.

smiley - peacedove

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