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Under Khrushchev's letter, Ted Sorensen's name is misspelt.

I think it's a pity there's no mention of Adlai Stevenson's role. His confrontation of the Russians in the UN was crucial to the handling of the blockade.

Also, it's a bit of a pity that people's roles are only explained in a footnote (where, BTW, Maxwell Taylor's entry is the opposite way round to everyone else's).

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I've fixed the typo - thanks for that.smiley - ok As for the other stuff, Edited Guide entries are not meant to be definitive or exhaustive. That's one of the great things about these threads that hang off them; they act as a source of extra info that nourishes the original.

Any stuff you know that's missing from the entry, please write about it here!

All the best. smiley - smiley

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Correction and comment

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